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Meet the bakers


Our Story

We all met at Humber College. Sarah and Emily started off as partners in our very first class. Sarah and Sophie became friends because Sophie burnt her arm while Sarah was standing right beside her and asked her if she was okay. Rina ended up working beside Sarah and Sophie in our bread’s class and hit it off immediately. And that’s how we all became friends. We even all worked at the same summer camp together in a kitchen, so we really haven’t been apart since becoming friends in September 2021.

Meet the developers

web developer team at Humber College

Our Story

Four business students were assigned to a group project during their first semester of college. The assignment was to come up with a business plan for a social enterprise that would benefit their community. Despite their different academic backgrounds and personalities, the group quickly realized they shared a passion for sustainable and ethical business practices. They spent countless hours brainstorming ideas and researching potential solutions, and eventually came up with a unique and innovative plan that impressed their professor and earned them an A+. Inspired by their success, they decided to continue working together and eventually launched their own socially-conscious startup, which has since grown into a successful and socially responsible business.

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